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From systems to quests, with every interaction in between, Xan has your team's back.

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Bring your story to life with Xan's snappy prose, evocative mind, and unmatched dedication.

About Lithish

Xan was raised in Anchorage, Alaska by a family of lifelong performing artists. With that kind of luck, any kid would believe in magic. What makes Xan different is that he still does.

After graduating with honors from AIE Seattle in 2020, Xan moved closer to Portland to continue his career as a storyteller. Interactive narrative is Xan's bread and butter, especially within fantastical settings, but he's eager to bring his skills to projects of any genre and medium. Past work outside video games has included webcomics, mobile apps, TCG illustrations, and more!

Xan is a firm advocate for diversity and equity, as well as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. He's determined to use his growing resources to uplift other marginalized creators, so everyone can make their unique stories heard.