"Xan was our Master Chronicler, taking initiative to reformat our game's story bible to make it simultaneously much deeper and more accessible for the whole writing team. They're a genius at organization, narrative worldbuilding, and telling stories that compellingly push characters out of their comfort zone. Full of endless enthusiasm and always finding ways to improve their many crafts, from writing to system design to UI and project tools!"

- Ben Books Schwartz, Narrative Lead on Puzzle Legends

"Although not Xan’s instructor at AIE for the Game Design course they were on, I was responsible for their team during the major production projects, and often assisted/consulted with them over various aspects of their work throughout their time at AIE. As well as commissioning a game design analysis from them as a challenge to see their breakdown of a mobile game I was seeking input on.

Xan’s attention to detail is excellent and encompasses every aspect of their work while also being very conscious of how their interactions in the team setting contribute to the success of a project. This coupled with a deep well of creativity and skillful wordplay makes Xan an excellent choice to complement a development team. Whether it’s level design, creative writing or gameplay analysis and design Xan has been able to turn their hand to these aspects effortlessly. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Xan for any design role."

- Jon Collins, Mentor during Faded Grove

"I worked with Xan for a brief period and they were an absolute delight! They are a great writer with a lot of passion and enthusiasm that makes them a stellar addition to any writing team. Furthermore, their passion and skill for organizing is super awesome and extremely helpful when it comes to working on any kind of large narrative project. I would definitely recommend working with them!"

- Laura Romano, coworker on undeclared project


- Colton David, coworker on Puzzle Legends